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Hourly Service Rates

2 Professional Movers

3 Pro Movers

4 Pro Movers

Local Rates (both addresses located within 65 miles of business address)




Regional Rates




Mileage Charge


Long Distance Charge

Applicable when distance between locations exceeds 200 miles

$99 one time charge

Mountain Pass Charge

One time charge for moves above 6000 feet above sea level

$199 one time charge


We try to simplify the moving process including how we charge the customer.  All of our charges, fees and/or rates are listed above except for an optional insurance fee of $49. We guarantee you will not be charged any hidden or extraordinary fees not listed here! 

Disclaimers:  Start Time for Packing/Moving Services begins when the first piece of furniture is being moved and ends when the final piece is put into place.  We do not charge our customers for our employee’s lunch breaks.  Minimum purchase of 1 hour. Packing supplies free of charge when packing services are purchased.  Mileage charge is for round trip beginning at our dispatch facility and ending at our dispatch facility in Sterling, Colorado.   Local Rates for moves with both addresses within 65 miles of dispatch facility. Oversized item charge is per oversized item and is in addition to hourly charge.  Discounts are offered for educators, non-profit workers, and seniors as well as various seasonal discounts.  Please ask for further details.

OBAY Moving & Courier LLC diligently efforts to manage each move with no damage or accidents and we have an excellent track record.  However, they can occur.  If any of your furniture or goods becomes damaged during our loading, unloading and/or transportation of that item we will work with the customer to settle the issue.  We are not responsible for damage to property caused by our truck including cracks or oil leaks on cement driveways, landscaping, tree limbs, etc.  We are not responsible for small nicks or scratches to walls or doors that only require paint touch-up.  We avoid wall bumping as much as possible.  If an item is an extremely tight fit through a doorway or next to drywall we will stop and continue only at the customer’s discretion.  We are not responsible for damage that occurs to furniture that was previously damaged.  We are not responsible for any persons who become injured while helping with the move neither on our truck or using our equipment.  We understand children and pets aren't always easily contained on moving day, but we ask that the customer do their best to keep them out of our work space in order to prevent injury to either parties. We cannot transport Propane Tanks or any flammable or hazardous items.

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