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(and boxes, totes, bags, clothes, tools, pictures, dishes, toys, desks, filing cabinets, linens, pet crates-okay it would be easier to list what we don't move-grand or baby grand pianos, hot tubs, safes weighing over 800 lbs., and hazardous materials including propane tanks-anything else should be doable)

Why Choose Us?

There is no other comparable choice!  We guarantee we will service your move with the utmost professionalism, carefulness and efficiency.  We understand your reluctance to trust strangers with your stuff because it's not just stuff to you-it's your livelihood.  We care about every single item we move.  We understand that some things carry sentimental value and cannot be replaced, some things were saved up for years to purchase and some things are just very important to you.  In other words we provide exactly what you are looking for in a moving company-hard working, caring service at an affordable price. I could go on but don't take my word for it, take the words of the people we've previously serviced.


Moving truck

"These guys recently moved my office, and it was a complete WOW! It was insignificant to them how tough the piece was to handle, or how delicate and breakable, these guys made this move look like a cake walk. No matter what I asked of them, they smiled and agreed and stayed so positive! What a pleasure to have OBAY on my team!"


"They are so amazing and so careful with every (item). The best movers I have ever used. I would have liked to had them move me the last time I did a move. Thank you guys very much!!!"


"I can’t say enough about OBAY moving! There was a death in my family and we needed to hire a moving company for two households moving into one from Brush to Alamosa with very short notice. Despite the chaos, the movers never complained, worked enthusiastically the whole time, and were very efficient. I would recommend them for any job!" 


Moving Services

Packing Services

A lot goes into moving.  Packing can be the most time consuming part of a move and not everyone has the time for it.  When you purchase our packing services what you really purchase is peace of mind knowing that experienced professionals use proven packing methods to ensure the safe arrival of your goods.  Our packing service rate is the same as our moving service rate so feel free to have the movers pack as little or as much as you like.  We provide all necessary packing materials when our packing services are purchased.

The bread and butter of what we do!  Our moving services include 3 experienced movers, a 26 foot box truck and complete guidance and support throughout your move.  We've completed moves of all sizes from delivering a single piece of furniture purchased from the store to large commercial offices to multiple locations moves.  A one hour minimum purchase is required but there is no job too small or too large for us to handle.

Moving Labor

Sometimes you just don't need the truck.  When that's the case, you can hire us to do the heavy lifting.  We can follow your rental truck or loaded trailer and provide service on both ends or just one end. New carpet or remodeling?  We can move everything out of the area and coordinate a time to come back and move it back into place.  Whether you need one set of helping hands or three to return a rental truck on time-we can help! This is a great option for people moving out of state or for anyone that can get their hands on a truck or trailer but doesn't want to risk injury/damage moving themselves.


Hard at Work

Photos by: Denice Webb Photography


11329 CR 33

PO Box 1529

Sterling, CO 80751


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